Special hybrid cables for specific applications

Besides standard cables FELTEN Wire & Cable Solutions also offers tailor-made cables.
A good example is a cable which we developed for camera systems on offshore oil & gas platforms. This hybrid cable consists of one coax, multiple power and data wires. The advantage of coaxial cables for transmitting video signals, instead of e.g. ethernet cables, is that these can be transmitted over longer distances. The double FRNC sheath with a galvanised steel wire braiding in between makes the cable suitable for the harshest environments. The outer sheath is also mud resistant according to the NEK606 for use on oil & gas rigs.

The camera systems are mainly used on cranes. With the help of these camera’s, the crane driver has a clear and complete view on the loading area. That means the operator can work more efficient and safer at the same time and can react proactively when unexpected situations occur.

Looking for a cable for your specific application? Together we can design the right product.

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