Reduced biofouling in underwater environments

Biofouling is one of the biggest problems in long-term exposure of underwater cables as this process starts within a few hours. The cables will increase in diameter and weight because of the growth of marine plants and animals like polyps, mussels, starfishes or algae.
LEONI has developed a new sheathing material for underwater cables which reduces the settlement and growing process mainly of first micro-organisms. The main advantage of the material is the implementation of lightly acid surrounding along the cable surface and therefore a long-time effect.
The effect was shown during several 6-month storage tests of cables with different sheathing material surface variations in the Baltic Sea.
It is now possible to implement the new developed material in all types of polyurethane based sheathing materials. The material is resistant against sea water and also fresh water. It is suitable for fixed installed and also flexible cables. The material can be used for single layer and also for outer layer in multilayer sheath design.
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