Military grade marine cables needed? NavalLine® cables are your solution!

For the naval shipbuilding market LEONI got a range of special designed products. This product range of military grade marine cables exist of inboard cables, laterally and longitudinally waterproof cables, Floating trailing and underwater cables, tensile cables with steel or aramide strain relief elements and coiled cables.

Every cable type serves its own purpose. Waterproof cables can be used for outboard applications on submarines, tensile cables for loads up to several tons and inboard cables for creating a safe environment inside various naval vessels, even during a fire.

Multiple NavalLine® products have been tested according the VG 95218 part 29 standard. This proves the fire resistance, toxicity index (lower than 5), non-corrosive and low smoke density in case of a fire and high oil resistant characteristics of these military cables.

The NavalLine® catalogue can be found at our website.

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