Connection technology can be so simple!

Minimum assembly times and superior electrical performance are the key features of a future-proof cabling system.
With this in mind, LEONI has developed the MegaLine® Connect45. This innovative modular system combines first-class performance with maximum ease of assembly.

The basic kit consists of a Category 6a data cable and a cable connector and is completed by simply attaching the required jack module or connector.

The user can choose from Category 6a (IEC 60603-7-51) and Category 6A (EIA/TIA 568-C.2) RJ45 jack modules. The RJ45 connector, using the same MC45 cable connector, offers an extremely simple way of implementing consolidation point applications or for example connecting IP cameras to the network. In addition, the link extender allows you to extend existing cabling links quickly and efficiently without compromising on performance.

The shortest possible assembly times are achieved by combining the attachment of the cable connector with the cutting of the wires to the right size. With the Connect45 assembly tool the wires are pressed together and cut to size in a single step.

This user-friendly assembly is particularly useful in data centres, where installation work must be carried out with zero downtime. Preassembled trunks help to keep the necessary installation times to a minimum.

The modules are easy to open using the unlocking tool. With this tool the existing cable system can be fitted with a new module “with one click”.

Cabling links in data centres are often shorter than 15 metres. The standards refer to these as “short links”, and this is where high-quality products are required. The MegaLine® Connect45 system can be used to implement extremely short link lengths from 1 metre upwards. The requirements of the Class EA permanent link are met with significant reserve capacities.

Modular patch fields, wall outlets, floorbox solutions and consolidation point housings complete the MegaLine® Connect45 product portfolio.

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