Concentric High Power cables for DC fast charging systems. BETAjet® 270 high flex

A cable which meets high DC current capacity, important safety performance, has zero magnetic field outside and provides simple air cooling. This is the BETAjet® 270 high flex. Because this cable is originally developed as a jet cable for military aircrafts it meets the highest standards and is very compact at the same time. Due to the optimised diameter the cable is also very flexible.
Compared to liquid cooled cables the conductor size is higher, but this enables a low heat inertia and reduces the system costs dramatically, because there is no need for additional equipment like tubes, pumps, liquids and surveillance electronics. In addition there is no maintenance necessary for non-existing parts.
The main advantage of the CooFi cable is that the heat transfer to contact surfaces or skin is decreased. The temperature of the conductor may rise 10°C higher than in a standard cable. This enables this cable to transmit 10% – 14% more power compared to cables with the same conductor size without CooFi outer sheath.
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